10 Must Haves for an Engagement Session

1. Someone You're Obsessed With

This is probably the easiest of the 10 to perfect. This is also the purpose of the engagement session. I want to capture who you are at this moment. Ten, twenty years from now, you will look different, maybe have new habits, and different priorities. Which means, you might not even care to have your relationship documented. Come and be your best selves and love on each other.

2. Two Outfits

I always suggest you bring one dressier outfit for the grandparents and moms. I mean do you guys really dress up very often? Show off how cute you are! The second outfit is all about comfort and personality. Jeans or shorts are great because we can get a variety of poses. This outfit is for the piggy back rides and sitting in the grass. It's the outfit for running because he's chasing you after you broke free from the tickly fight. Those are the two outfits I need most of all. If you are going to do a third, go for trendy and fun!

3. Location

Where are you two comfortable together? Where are you going on your dates? Netflix at home? Let's do an in home session one morning on your couch and in the kitchen. Coffee and a walk? Let's go to a coffee shop and the park after. Adventure seekers? Let's do a destination session! Is your version of a date, checking the cows? I'll meet you at the farm.

4. Bring a Quilt

Let's face it. You are going to have to sit down at some point and nobody loves putting on their most adorable outfit and sitting on the ground. Bring a quilt. You will thank me. Forget one? You can bet I will have one!

5. Laughter

You have to laugh for photos. Otherwise, you end up with this pinned up smile that you started making at 4 years old when your mom forced you. Luckily for you, I am hilarious. And you will have no other option but to laugh yourselves silly.

6. Pretty Light

You might have noticed that almost all sessions have that pretty glowy sunlight. It's romantic. It's cooler. It's GLOWY. I will have you do most kissing at the end with that pretty light.

7. Kissing

You know, some people don't love to kiss around other people. Then there are people that are like me that love watching other people kiss. Yep. That's me. I know it's odd. But I mean, I am a wedding photographer...sooo. Kissing is not an absolute priority. I have had some couples that save their first kiss for their wedding day. But I will probably have you get really close. Nose to nose for sure!

8. Conversation and Cooperation

You are in love. But you are awkward and the camera freaks you out and your fiance' hates pictures. You know what your fiance' does love? He loves kissing you. He loves looking at you. He loves teasing you. He loves spending time with you. That's all we are doing. You are on a date with a photographer. I am going to ask you about yourselves and share embarrassing stories about myself. I want us to get to know each other. I want your wedding day to feel like your FRIEND is coming to photograph it. Not a stranger.

9. Variety

This is also where your outfits and locations will come into play. But keep in mind, I have some sessions where there is one outfit and one location. We still have a variety of poses! I am going to walk you through moments together. And when you walk right into that perfect light, I'll ask you to stop and smile at me real quick. You will end up with a well rounded gallery that shows you off!

10. 50mm 1.2 Lens

This is more for me than you. But I have found that the best engagement lens is the 50mm 1.2. It gives me those soft dreamy looks while also giving flexibility for multiple angles.

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