About Shelby

My name is Shelby and I am living my dream of being a full-time documenter of love stories. It may sound cheesy, but every wedding is so unique and I love looking back on all the memories I’ve captured over the years, and I hope you love looking at those same memories as much as I do.

A little more about me:

I’m a Texas girl at heart, but fell in love with a Missouri boy and I don’t think I’ll ever leave these Ozark hills for good, though I do love a romantic getaway with my love.

I was a terrible bridezilla on my wedding day (just ask my mother). Yikes! But that makes me extremely patient in high stress situations at other weddings.

I call myself a reader, but I rarely read books anymore. Audible has taken over my life.

I cry at almost every wedding. I make my husband dance with me at every opportunity, even if Scooby Doo is on tv in the background. I’m just a sappy romantic.

My grandpa told me when I was 10 that when I could eat an entire sandwich with horseradish mustard on it, I would be a real grown-up. Still can’t. YUCK.

After I watched Steel Magnolias for the first time, I asked people to say Shelby in a southern accent when speaking to me. “Sh-ae-lby” just sounds better, doesn’t it?

• The smell of coffee
• Traveling
• Food
• Audrey Hepburn Romance


• Coffee
• Packing
• Domestic chores
• John Wayne
• True crime


Weddings I've photographed


Years married to my hottie of a husband

100 M

Number of vintage cameras I wished I owned


Number of states I’ve visited (I would like to have many more!)

Every single one (almost)

Wedding receptions I’ve danced to “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston (some by myself, but still)

My Approach:

My clients describe me as fun, energetic, and immediately one of the gang. My extensive experience allows me to help the flow of the day, even when you feel like we are running behind and there is no way I’m getting any good images. I promise, I am! I strive for open, real communication with my brides and grooms about their wants, needs, and expectations. I am comfortable shooting in natural light situations and also very familiar with other lighting sources (trust me, I bring an arsenal of lights with me to every wedding!) so whether your big day is full of sun, rain, clouds, or entirely indoors, I will be able to capture it to perfection.

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